This weeks blog is the sixth in a series of changes we've experienced in the glass and window industry in the last 25 years, and changes we've made to our company and its products to suit the industry we serve.

An increase in the number of homes which are truly massive. During the weekend I met with a project manager for a building construction company which is building a complex of buildings for a wealthy client in a relatively remote part of Central Otago. The scale of the buildings and the build detail was astonishing. The home is already over 3 years in the build. Likewise we're doing some work on another monstrous home which is over 5 years in the build. The scale on these residential structures has not been seen before in these markets.

For glass and window companies there are opportunities to become recognised as specialists in this size and quality of build. The equipment needed for the builds and installations is more like commercial than residential. In some cases the interaction with the owners, building company, architects and engineers is quite different from traditional residential projects. 

Some glass and window manufacture and installations require specialist one-off equipment which is an area where we can help. Our skills and componentry designed specifically for the glass and window industry means we can design and build (and certify if required) all manner of equipment for challenging manufacture and installation projects. 

As a company we help our customers to save time, reduce damage and rework, and address health and safety. This has not changed in 25 years.