This weeks blog is the fifth in a series of changes we've experienced in the glass and window industry in the last 25 years, and changes we've made to our company and its products to suit the industry we serve.

The birth of retrofit double glazing. This new business within the wider glass and window industry has spawned new companies, new products and new ways of doing business. Within retrofit double glazing there are groups of companies which specialise in aluminium joinery, timber joinery, and those which can do both. Some aluminium die holders have developed aluminium extrusions to assist with retrofitting their old suites, and some companies have franchise solutions for retrofitting into timber window frames.

To help retrofit double glaze companies we've developed site trolleys and site lifting solutions which lift, hold, move and manipulate the glass items, reducing fatigue and the likelihood of injury, while also saving the installers time. We also provide glass frails (external racks), internal racks, trailers, trucks and other glass and window transport solutions. For complete replacement sashes and doors our pole based Window Transportation Solution is popular.

As a company we help our customers to save time, reduce damage and rework, and address health and safety. This has not changed in 25 years.