This weeks blog is the second in a series of changes we've experienced in the glass and window industry in the last 25 years, and changes we've made to our company and its products to suit the industry we serve.

When we built our first glass van frails (external racks) we fabricated them in aluminium to a strength suitable for the weight of glass being loaded and carried by glaziers. Over the years the average size of glass units has increased dramatically, and with double and triple glazing the average weight of each unit has also increased. Around 7-8 years ago we made some major changes to the structure of our van frails to accommodate this increasing payload weight, with the new designs "over engineered" to provide for what we predicted to be the continual increase in average load weights. We were right as the glass loads carried on vans have continued to get heavier.

Clever design of our frails means these changes in design have been easy to implement, and the new stronger componentry is an easy and cost effective upgrade to older frails.