A few weeks ago we embarked on upgrading four vans for one of our clients. This client purchased a medium sized glazing company a few years ago and went through a rebranding and image upgrade exercise. The results were very good. Since then he's purchased a number of other smaller glazing companies and done the same. The four vans we're upgrading are for three of his companies.

One of his staff told me that the owner is "very particular about the little details" and this is exactly how I'd describe him. He places a huge importance on getting the branding and image of his company's just right. Just the way he wants it. 

For a glazier their van and glass racks are their biggest assets. They take them to every job so they represent and advertise the company all week. The age and quality of the van and rack, the style and quality of the signwriting, the cleanliness of the vehicle, the state of repair of the van and racks, the way the van is parked and treated, these are all aspects of that glaziers brand. They portray who and what that company is. The customer mentioned above does all of this very well.

At the opposite end of the scale, glaziers who do a poor job with their vehicles portray themselves as something quite different and are likely to have difficulty justifying a higher margin for their work.