Last week I delivered this van to a customer. It's a Mercedes Sprinter and has a 4.4M long x 2.5M tall external frail and full length internal rack. The van is rated for over 2 tonnes of payload. The external frail is the largest van frail we've built and installed in the New Zealand market.


Most glazier vehicles are smaller than this. Many trucks we put racks on are smaller than this!

For many years we've been touting our Glazier 3.5M are the logical link between a van and a truck, and promoting that modern fleets of vehicles should have a mix of small vans to larger trucks. So where does this Mercedes fit? 

It's a very big and very capable glazing van. There's ample glass racking for most jobs, its able to carry large items like shop fronts, and its got masses of storage for tools and equipment. Access may be an issue for some jobs, but overall you'd have to say it's a pretty multi-purpose glaziers vehicle.

It's also a capable delivery vehicle. Vans aren't typically used for glass deliveries, but at over 2 tonnes of payload and capable of moving stock sheets it could do the job.

In the New Zealand market we currently have a huge range of these larger vans available. Mercedes, VW, Fiat, Ford Transit, Renault, LDV, and others. We don't see many of these "jumbo" sized vans being used in the glass and window industry but I can see they have a place and we may see more in the future.