Last week I met with four large window fabricators. Three of them were implementing new CNC equipment for processing their aluminium extrusions. Each one commented on the time savings available with this technology, and the accuracy of the processing.

Of more interest to me was that their business confidence and cash flow was at a level that this significant investment had become and obvious choice for them. Many years ago when aluminium joinery was first becoming established people would joke that all you needed was a drop saw, a power drill and a garden trailer and you could start making and delivering aluminium windows. Nowadays those fabricators with small non-automated factories will struggle to compete with these high volume highly automated window fabricators.

As a company we focus on equipment which will reduce product damage and hence reduce rework costs, save time, and address health and safety. We don't supply CNC machinery but we do supply a lot of factory handling equipment which surrounds such machinery and helps the fabricator get the best performance and efficiency from their machinery.