Last week we delivered a solution to a stone benchtop manufacturer to deliver their finished product between their main manufacturing site and one of their remote sales and installation locations. The solution was a trolley with retention poles and a trolley fixing solution for their large van. This solution will enable them to send the full trolleys to the remote site via general cartage, load the full trolley into the van (up to 4 days installation work) and return the empty trolley to the manufacturing site for reloading. The main benefit is a reduction of 10 hours driving per week for the van to collect the stone.

The technology in this solution is very similar to that which we use for glass and window transportation. By understanding the stone manufacturing, delivery and installation process we were able to provide a very tailored solution which will work well for this client, and potentially others.

In terms of manufacturing and transportation solutions the glass and window industry does seem to be well ahead of the stone industry in many of the markets in which we operate.

 Stone trolley and van fitout