In glass factories using the right trolley for the right job can reduce the likelihood of injury, protect the glass, and assist the flow of product through the factory for time savings.

Small glass items on a large trolley just takes up more space than it needs to. The glass will be protected and there are no health and safety issues but the factory floor can become more cluttered than it needs to be, which can lead to time being wasted.

By comparison large glass items on a small trolley are dangerous. If the glass protrudes past the end of the trolley then it's a danger to factory workers, and is more likely to get damaged leading to rework and additional costs.

Over the past decade we've seen the average size of glass items increase in size as architects and home owners require larger glass items for lighter modern homes. Factories which have not moved with this trend and taken on more larger trolleys run the risk of using the wrong trolley for jobs.