Last night I caught up with Jarrod, a friend that I used to do theatre sports with. Jarrod advised that he was doing a degree in geology, and would follow that up with engineering papers. These qualifications will make Jarod an attractive employee given all the geological work being undertaken in NZ following major earthquakes over the past 3 years. Richard, another of our troupe, is doing a construction project management course. Both are 38 years old and moving their careers away from improvised acting.

Here in Christchurch life was hugely disrupted when the major quakes of 3 years ago shook the city and its people, ruining homes and buildings, killing the innocent, and creating a level of stress that will last with many for the rest of their lives. Like all disasters there are victims and there are those who see the silver lining and capitalise on the opportunities. Jarod and Richard have clearly seen an opportunity in the rebuild and are underway with the next phase of their careers. Likewise many glass and window companies have made changes to better fit the new business environment.

We're currently working on a number of commercial construction sites in the city. There's much talk of the need for more construction workers to crank up the rebuild 90% of the CBD buildings. From my experience it's the engineering work required to get building consents (enter Jarod …) and the construction project management (enter Richard …) which are a scarce resource and have the potential to restrain the rebuild process. The flow of work to the glass and window industries is dependent on these professions working efficiently.

If you know anyone who has skills in engineering or construction project management and a desire to progress their careers, Christchurch New Zealand could be a good option for them.