During the weekend the All Blacks rugby team (New Zealand's national team) beat the English rugby team at Twinkenham, home for the English. 

The test was marred with controversy, including one of the All Blacks being sent off for 10 minutes. This means the All Blacks played 10 minutes with 14 players instead of 15. It's usual when you have a player off for 10 minutes that the other team scores a try (5 or 7 points) and this can often make the difference for the end result. Somehow the All Blacks not only held on but also added points while being a player down. One commentator on the radio commented that the All Blacks are the only team in world rugby who can be a player down and not look like they have a player missing. What a team!

In any business people have sick days and the company "is a player down". So how do the others in the company team work to get the same result as the All Blacks – to not appear to have anyone missing? It's a big challenge.

While they were a player down the others team members of the All Blacks played a variety of roles. They played out of their normal position. They had been trained to do different jobs to provide cover in the situation where one of their team is missing. This means that the English couldn't find the weakness, the hole in the defensive line-up, as there wasn't one.

The All Blacks went on to win.