25 August 2014

How big does your window or glass vehicle need to be today? How many items of what average size does it need to carry? What's the biggest item? What's the maximum weight to be carried?

How long do you intend to own that vehicle? 

Over the useful life of the vehicle how will the answers to the questions above change?

In most markets the average size of glass items and windows is growing. Likewise the average volume of glass and windows in an average house is growing each year. Most people think this will continue to increase in the foreseeable future.

So, how do you size your next vehicle? Should it be 10% larger than what you need today? 15%? 20%?

At least by knowing that you should buy a bigger vehicle than what you currently need puts you on the right track.

A glazier customer called in last week to get some repairs done. His van frail (external rack) had been in several small collisions and needed fixing. We did the work for him on the spot. This customer has a Toyota Hiace van. Not the more common ZL but the larger ZX (sometimes referred to as a "Jumbo"). Even with this larger van this customer is looking to go bigger to a light truck so that his next vehicle will guide him into the future rather than hold him back by being too small.

He's a clever man me thinks!