18 August 2014

Over the past weeks I've been visiting the sites of one of our largest clients. For over 2 decades they've been using a range of our products including glass transportation.

Recently I was requested to respond to claims of some of our products causing glass breakages. The belief was that shortcomings in product design were leading to significant breakages and new products needed to be sourced or developed. 

To cut a long story short, the first site visit showed that over the years the trainers of new staff had passed on incorrect glass loading techniques, a little like the kids game "Chinese whispers". Consequently the current group of glass loaders have been using techniques significantly different to those that were intended for that equipment, and trained some years previously. Some simple hands on training fixed that.

The second site visit uncovered some equipment badly in need of servicing. Workarounds for the damaged equipment was causing too much pressure on the glass leading to breakages. Some simple and low cost component replacements will fix that.

The reason for this blog topic is that it reinforced something that we all know but need reminders of. If something isn't working for our business our first thought should be to call in the suppliers rep. "Totally useless" products are rare, and a few directives from the supplier will often create big benefits to the users and business.