Today is my wife's birthday, so happy birthday Caro!

This last week my son has been invited to complete the $100 ice challenge. Basically he has to sit with his feet in an ice bin while someone pours icy cold water over him for a set period of time. If he can't endure it he has to give $100 to a chosen charity. If he endures it, he gets off debt free. Either way, once he's finished, he can challenge 5 others to the same challenge. I reckon that's a great fund raiser. Lots of fun.

(Since I wrote this blog 6 days ago my daughter has also done the ice challenge along with most teenagers on the planet. The ice challenge went viral!)

Meanwhile at work …..we recently found ourselves in a situation where we had two resellers both trying to secure a deal with the same glass client. Although this is not ideal, there was some learning to be had. One reseller got the minimum information from the glass client and passed on a quote quite quickly and with little follow-up. The second got far more detailed information and truly understood the customers needs and issues. Both submitted similar quotations. The second and more persistent reseller then better defined the clients needs and resubmitted a revised quote more tailored to the clients needs and making the first resellers quote somewhat redundant. Then reseller two uncovered some timing issues and worked to resolve them for the client.

Not surprisingly reseller two closed the sale, and delivered on the clients expectations.

From my position as the equipment supplier it became very evident early on which of the resellers was going to get the deal. Although both had the same price, one had done a much better job of selling the solution and was able to do so without discounting the price. Reseller one was the first to uncover the opportunity, and even if they had of offered a lower price by reducing their own margin I believe reseller two would still have been chosen as the partner.

I also believe that the glass client was better served by reseller two than reseller one. More understanding leads to better relationships and better service. 

It's not always first in first served.
It's not all about price.