Last night my son found out he's not registered for a sports event next weekend. It's a major event and one he's been training for, for many months. In the tournaments of the last two weekends he's played his best ever and has had a great run into this penultimate tournament, which he's now not entered in.

Very sad.

To say he's very sad would be a major understatement. This kid takes most things in his stride, but not this. Phew, did he ever lose the plot!

So how did we get in this situation with our 16 year old? His school and various other parenting publications have all said that at this age you need to let boys make decision, make mistakes, and suffer the consequences. It's all part of growing up and enables them to learn. At the start of this year we allocated him a budget for his sport for the year and agreed with him that it's his responsibility to work out where and when he spends it. It was him who chose this tournament, and it was him who was supposed to book his place. In his mind he has made a mistake (a big mistake) and will learn from it.

Tough love.