Recently I was asked by a customer to supply some of our trolley componentry to the customer so that they could give it to another metalworker to make them some trolleys. If you were me, would you have supplied it?

The componentry is our aluminium extrusions, inserted non-marking polymer bearing surface, and end caps. These are products which we've developed specifically for the glass and window industry. These components mean that the trolleys and other solutions which we manufacture and supply have unique points of difference over and above products made by our competitors with off the shelf componentry. Our investment in technology helps our customers with better solutions, but also helps us as a business. As business managers we need to generate man hours for our factory.

If you were me, would you have supplied it?

I understand that this customer doesn't want to onsell the trolleys. I understand that the metalworker may never make any more trolleys. But for this one deal, that other metalworker is my competitor. I can't see why they should get the benefit of the investments we've made.

As a company we bend over backwards to help our customers in the glass and window industries. Saying "no" is not in our DNA.

If you were me, would you have supplied it? It's a serious question that I'd like your thoughts on as this situation is bound to come up again. Please click "FEEDBACK" below and let me know your thoughts.