I visited a large window fabricator last week. They bought a window trailer off us a few years ago. The trailer has what we call our Window Transportation System on it – which is a pole based window retention system. A window fabricator once described it as "the most well thought out product I have ever seen". It's a whole combination of good ideas which come together in a system with very real benefits. This system reduces the time to load, secure, and unload a house lot of windows, reduces damage to windows and doors resulting in less rework costs, and creates a professional image for the window supplier.

Some time after the first trailer was successfully commissioned we were asked to upgrade an old trailer for the same window fabricator, putting the same Window Transportation System onto this older trailer as a retrofit upgrade. We did this and the customer was happy.

Last week I was asked to provide our Window Transportation system onto two other vehicles for the same window fabricator, being a garden style trailer and a ute (pickup). Both solutions are very achievable and both will provide the same tangible benefits as the previous trailers.

This particular business has smart managers who spend time to understand where they can get improvements and what the payback will be. They are also hands on in the factory and with deliveries so truly understand the issues. Other systems installed in their factory (not supplied by us) are testament to this. Furthermore the way they assess their options shows they know their business well.

Our Window Transportation System is regarded by some as expensive. There's more bits on it than most window transporters (most of which don't use poles but rely on staff to wrap the units, and tie them on with ropes and straps), so the capital cost is greater. We also use quality components which will last for years and require little maintenance. My argument has always been that so long as the window transporter is being used regularly, then ours is actually cheaper in terms of the overall cost to transport the windows. Some customers get that. Some don't. And for some customers this solution doesn't fit, such as those who do very infrequent deliveries. 

This is one of our products that I'm sure will take off in terms of its acceptance and soon become as commonplace as pole based retention systems are for glass transporters. The feedback from customers using the system is very positive.

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