Wow, last weeks blog about copying of products sparked a lot of response. The feedback was overwhelming that companies (like ours and yours) which have developed unique systems and solutions for their clients shouldn't sell their componentry. There was also a lot of feedback about how unfair it is that countries with lower costs of production can so easily copy the solutions of innovative companies and sell them back to customers and consumers in countries where the innovative company is based, at a lower price.

Some of the comments about selling componentry are :
"The market is tough enough and the competition world wide. You would be giving them an easy leg up to fast track development of a product to compete against your own. I work in the glass and window industry myself and "copying" is becoming all too common."
"No! I would not have sold the parts, but asked if it was possible to work with them to price and manufacture the correct solution for their needs, as what they were getting made by the metalworker may not had been the correct thing."
Interestingly the second comments harks back to the value of good advice. Often companies who copy don't understand why things have been designed in a particular way, or use particular componentry. To make sure our customers get the best from our solutions The Glass Racking Company will often provide a full training session with the customers staff. Companies who copy and don't truly understand their solutions can't provide this level of value add. The product might be cheaper but that's irrelevant if you haven't been shown how to use it properly.