I spent most of last week out of town visiting customers at their facilities. The feedback on the market was mostly very positive (things looking up, more forward orders, more business confidence than the same time last year), and most discussed their plans for capital investments during this financial year. This was a significant step from last years doom and gloom.

For window fabricators many have plans to invest in our Window Transport System, which is a pole based window retention system which can either be retrofitted to existing vehicles or supplied on a new vehicle. The benefits include time savings, reductions in rub damage and hence rework costs, and provides a better image to clients. These are all benefits which are important to most window fabricators in terms of fixing known issues which affect profitability, and creating a point of difference in the market.

Its comforting as a supplier to he glass and window industry to know that your products and their benefits are relevant. Its also comforting to know that as the economy pulls itself out of a recession that your solutions are a priority to your customer base.