Last weekend I needed some plastic fitting for replumbing the water flows to and from our pool. For one particular pipe joiner, the exact same identical product from the same manufacturer was priced at $6.50, $11.50, and $17 at 3 different retailers. How can this be? How come the cheapest was the small specialty store, and the most expensive was a massive warehouse style retailer claiming price as one of their biggest advantages? 

Fortunately the glass and window industries sell very few commodity products, and most items have significant product and service differentiation, with service the biggest. At The Glass Racking Company our sales model, product offering, and service model are also very unique as we offer what no other company offers. It becomes the decision of the end customer whether or not that's what they want, whether or not that's value for money, and the best choice for their business.  

The irony of my purchase was that my first retail visit was to the specialty shop. I saw they had what I wanted, went home, measured all the bits I needed and returned to the specialty shop to buy the parts only to find they are closed on Saturday afternoons. I needed the parts so ended up paying the higher price from the retailer which was open! Is that service differentiation?

The same must apply for some glass and window sales. If you need to make a decision and you're limited to who's available at the time, the decision can become a simple one.