Movember is all over for me. It was fun to grow a moustache, but it was not fun to have my dive mask leak every time I used it (7 times in the last fortnight), or the continual barrage of "Are you off to the purple onion bar tonight?" jokes from my colleagues.

Our most recent glass and window newsletter featured photos and descriptions of 15 of the styles of trolleys we've made for the glass industry over the years. Some feedback was that it highlighted the benefits of having the right trolley for the right job. Certainly there are many one-off trolleys which we've designed with our customers which are used in a single factory and raved about by the users as being the best thing they ever bought - they typically address and issue or need which that factory had identified and needed to be fixed. That doesn't mean that every other glass factory would benefit from the same trolley.

The humble trolley, at a relatively low capital cost, has the ability to create huge benefits for glass and window factory staff. 

Just as a glass or window transportation fleet limits itself if all vehicles are the same, a glass or window factory limits itself if all trolleys are the same. A bit of thought, maybe a bit of discussion with the right supply partner, and implementation of a cleverly designed range of trolleys throughout a factory can reap great rewards in productivity, reductions in damage and rework, and address health and safety needs.

If you've got ideas on a trolley design that would address and issue you've got in your factory please email or call us. We're here to help!