What can I do to help?

This week I start a series of blogs on questions which make you think.

Its often said that successful people ask more questions than unsuccessful people, so I thought I'd run a series of blogs on good questions for the owners, managers and staff in the glass and window industries to ask themselves, their staff, their customers or their suppliers.

To kick this series off, here's a very simple question : "What can I do to help?". As I say to my kids, the more times they ask that question of their parents the better the household and our family runs. Kids being proactive and helping around the home leads to less stress and happier parents. When the home is running well the kids get more of things they want. It's that simple.

Relating this to business in the glass and window industry, the same applies. We tend to want to help those who want to help us. If someone has a problem, whether they've admitted it or not, to ask what you can do to help is often all it takes to improve the relationship and lead the way towards better results and outcomes. 

In dealing with customers it's essential to find out what issues the customer is facing. This creates opportunities to promote your company and its services. My prospective customers often experience broken or damaged glass and window units during transportation to the customer site. What can I do to help? Well, my solutions from The Glass Racking Company help reduce transit damage and reduce costly rework ….

Think about it - when was the last time you said "What can I do to help?". Say it a few more times today and see where it takes you.