Is this the best use of my time right now?

I'm writing this as I sit in a small town on a late Sunday afternoon after having my flight home cancelled. How ironic.

This is the second blog is a series of questions for executives and staff in the glass and window industries to ask ourselves, our staff, our customers and our suppliers. This particular question "Is this the best use of my time right now?" is a question to ask ourselves, although it can be turned around a little and asked of others.

All this question does is remind us of what our goals are and what you've already worked out you need to do to achieve them. Focus is just a way of not being distracted – and we are often offered distractions from what we know we should be doing.

My main goals for the coming week are well defined. If I can avoid distractions, and my flight tomorrow morning leaves on time, I should be able to achieve them.

However, the best use of our time is not limited to the working on our business goals. The best use of our time might be to take time to reflect, to reminisce about the good old days with a friend, to get exercise and stay fit, to let your kids know that you care and want to spend time with them, or to socialise with colleagues. We all need to spend time doing these things to be balanced, and when we're balanced we're most productive at work – we achieve more of our work goals.

I believe the key is to always be considering whether or not this is the best use if your time, and if it isn't, change what your doing to something which will give a better outcome.

Simple questions. Better outcomes.

For me a better outcome is to go fishing in the rain with an old friend, so that's what I'm going to do right now ……