Where do hard surfaces touch my product?

Glass manufacturers and window fabricators work with products which scratch very easily. When scratched both products becomes worthless. Scratches only occur when a hard surface touches the product, so it makes sense to build manufacturing processes which eliminate the risk of a hard surface touching the product.

I challenge you to walk through the entire manufacturing process at your facility from the point of delivery (and consider how your raw materials are delivered) to the point where the customer takes ownership of the finished product, to identify where (if any) hard surfaces touch your product. If you make changes to these areas of your factory you will reduce rework costs.

Products to eliminate the hard surfaces vary from simple plastic sheathing on pipework, to polymer bearing surfaces on trolleys and storage systems, and clip on copolymer Profoams for separating units. At The Glass Racking Company we have a range of such products and will be pleased to help you. We are also focused on developing new protection products for the glass and window industries, so if your needs are new to us we'll work with you to create a solution which will work.

Please let us know how we can help.