How can technology give me a competitive edge?

The Glass Racking Company is one of around a dozen companies globally which specialise in factory handling and transportation systems for glass and windows. I believe we are the only company in the world which has developed a solution specifically for transporting window frames. Everyone who buys this solution is looking to gain competitive advantage.

So is it the technology which creates the advantage? I believe not. It's the application of that technology to fix a well understood problem, and that's where the quality of the people who manufacture and supply the solution make a difference. 

I'm often asked to quote a particular product from our catalogue. When I ask the customer for more detail about what they're trying to achieve, I'm often able to offer an even better solution. That's a skill we have, and a benefit of doing business with a company who is dedicated to understanding and helping the glass and window industries. 

Can companies which copy our products offer the same benefits? I think not.

So they key to gaining a competitive edge is to align with a partner who has good staff and good technology. Having only one is not enough.