Why not tie window frames to a vehicle with rope?

It's a reasonable question, as for years this has been the main form of window retention on window transportation vehicles in many countries. Windows are complex to transport because :
1. They come in such a wide range of sizes and shapes
2. They can flex and damage the frames
3. They can flex and break the factory glazed glass
4. Many modern satin finish powdercoatings are softer than in the past
5. Thickness varies from thin doors and sashes, to windows with reveals installed, to curved and angled units
6. They are a finished product with a high dollar value

In the past no supplier that I'm aware of has offered a purpose built window transportation system. Some glass transportation systems have been adapted and some companies have designed pogo-pole style systems to assist with window retention. In my opinion, none of these could be classed as a purpose designed and built window transportation system to manage the window from the production line to the customer site. The solution from The Glass Racking Company is to the best of my knowledge the first. Check it out HERE.  

Benefits of The Glass Racking Company Window Retention System include :

1. Security of the load. The pole based system provides compression between the pole and all of the polymer Profoams between each item in the load. Once under pressure it's extremely difficult to move any items. We also recommend a strap around the entire load for additional collision safety.
2. Reduced damage. When units don't move in transportation they don't get rub damage. Also the poles retain directly through the load rather than straps which wrap around the edges of the frames and can bend them in.
3. Reduced time preparing window frames for transportation. With this solution the window frames are transported without any additional packing and wrapping. ProFoams are clipped on and the windows are stacked. Simple.
4. Loading and unloading times are reduced. This varies based on what systems the customer has previously used, but all experience time savings, some very significant.
5. This system requires little if any maintenance. The componentry is built to last, not to wear out.
6. Skills and training. Solutions supplied by The Glass Racking Company include simple written user guides, plus we have video user guides online. The training time is very quick.
7. Health and Safety of staff. This is a key criteria in everything we design and supply.
8. Image. Customers like to see that their suppliers use specialist equipment.
9. Liability. In the event of a collision or incident the authorities will look more favourably on a window company which uses purpose designed systems. 
10. Options. I admit that some loads, particularly oversize tall items, are sometimes better retained with straps and ropes. Our Window Retention System suits maybe 90% of loads, and is easy to use ropes and straps for the other 10%. 

There are still some window companies who believe that carpet, cardboard, and ropes are suitable wrappings and protection for 100% of transportation of their finished product to their customer site. We have now migrated many customers from ropes to our Window Transportation System and all agree that it's a far better system. It's a mindset and operational change, and it works.