What could possibly go wrong?

Christchurch has had over 8500 earthquakes in the last 16 months. Fortunately there have been no deaths or major injuries in glass and window factories, but there have been some "near misses" we can all learn from. 

1. Staff were unloading packs of glass from an open top container when a quake hit and swung the lifted glass, narrowly missing a staff member who was helping manoeuvre the glass. 
2. A glass cutting table was on castors and not braked or locked down. It rolled across a factory floor narrowly missing the owner.
3. Freefall glass fell onto an open walkway area used by staff to escape from the factory.
4. Glass offcuts stored in pin racks smashed as a worker hid behind them.

The solutions to these problems are not difficult and we sell equipment to fix each scenario. Safety arms to stop the glass breaking and ensure that glass falls vertically onto itself instead of out and away from the racks is essential. Once the safety equipment is in place all factories need process and procedure to ensure that it's used. This is another area we help with.

They key is to be thinking about what could happen in your factory if a quake hit. Think "What could possibly go wrong?".