How can you make this cheaper?

I get asked this quite often as in many cases our solutions are a greater capital outlay than options available from others – often general engineers rather than specialist suppliers to the glass and window industries.

The most common ways of reducing the cost of items we produce are :

1. Take off all the non-marking polymer bearing surfaces and replace with stick-on rubber tape. The tape will peel off, go brittle in the sun, possibly leave residue on the glass, and need replacing once its worn out and damaged a few of your finished goods. But it will be cheaper to manufacture.

2. Leave the steel in its raw state rather then hot dip galvanising or painting or powdercoating it. It'll go rusty, leave stains on your product, and look like crap, but it will be cheaper.

3. Install cheaper castors. They won't be rated for the load to be carried, they won't roll as well across an uneven floor, they may fail and cause your product to fall possibly hurting staff, but they will be cheaper.

4. Build everything with lighter gauge steel or thinner aluminium. Most of the time it'll be ok, and it will be cheaper. 

5. Leave out the retention systems. Your staff can secure glass and windows using ropes, glazing rubbers, straps, with bits are cardboard and carpet. It'll take them an extra hour or so a day, you'll get more damage to your products, you're customers may wonder how serious you are about looking after their products, you may have health and safety issues, and you'll sometimes run short on things to tie with but I'm sure you'll be able to make do somehow. Best of all it will save you money at the time of purchase.

As I said to a customer this week, we can build solutions however you want, but our preference is to do it right the first time.