I like to think that I spend most of my time out seeing customers, but as I look back on 2013 the reality is that I spend at least half my day behind my desk, either on the phone or tapping the keys on this keyboard. It's never been a goal to spend more time in the office, but I never want to let an emailed opportunity go, or rush a quote or proposal together. Worth doing, worth doing right. That's how I end up here at my desk.

The TV is full of programs, documentary's a news reports about obesity. I'm not obese, just a little chubby. Chubby is what fat people call themselves. I figure that time here at my desk is to blame so took a leaf from Warwick Styles book on fitness (he's a shareholder here) and fitted my new office with a stand up desk. I used to do a bit of stand-up comedy, so I figured a stand-up desk would bring back happy and funny memories. The theory is it helps your posture and may help lose weight. I figure if I'm gonna be here at my desk I may as well be getting healthier.

After 1 week of standing at my stand up desk my back is tired, my feet are sore, and I don't feel any healthier. My wife says I've lost weight - you gotta love her! Maybe for her encouragement rather than her honesty.

You'll see I've uploaded a photo of me at my standing desk in the very late afternoon of Thursday last week. Only two of us were still at work. I figured no-one would ever know.

If anyone reading this has any feedback on the pros and cons of stand-up desks please let me know. Even a little encouragement would help!

So, the relevance to the glass and window industries? Most factory staff stand-up all day. This little change for me is a reminder of just how tiring standing can be. As a company we develop, manufacture and supply many products to assist with health and safety â€" tools which help reduce fatigue are very important and worthy.