When aluminium joinery solutions were first developed a window fabricator could run their business with a minimum of equipment a drop saw and an electric screwdriver being the key equipment. Over time the aluminium extrusions have become more complex, the window and door sizes have become much larger, punches jigs and CNC processing are commonplace, and like all manufacturing there's been a relentless drive for efficiency and speed. To setup a window fabrication business today requires significantly more capital investment.

Why then is it that so many window fabricators use simple benches and trestles with carpet and cardboard as the bearing surface? Carpet allows swarf (shavings) to sit on the bearing surface which can and do scratch the powdercoat finish on the aluminium extrusions. This causes rework and unnecessary costs.

Our Trestle Topper product is a non-marking polymer which slots into an aluminium extrusion or steel roll formed section to provide a work surface which is ideal for window fabricators. It can either be overlayed on existing trestles and benches, or we use it to create new equipment. Those organisations which use Trestle Topper (probably about 100 window fabricators) love it, and yet there are so many others that continue using products not designed for purpose and for a role so essential to the job of fabricating windows.  

Carpet is for walking on.

Cardboard is for packaging.

Trestle Topper is for making windows on.

It seems a no brainer to me.