Welcome to Glass and Window blog. This blog has had weekly entries since April 2010, making it one of the largest, longest, and most verbose blogs ever, with specialist focus on the glass and window industries.

The Glass Racking Company, a specialist supplier of glass and window factory handling and transportation solutions, with customers across the globe. Over time we have enjoyed working with clients to create solutions for them which save time, reduce rework and hence costs, and address health and safety requirements.

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Best glasg joke ever

Best glass industry joke ever!

A middle aged glass executive walks onto a plane, stashes his brief case in the overhead locker, and quietly sits down in preparation for a lengthy sleep on the flight. Next to him is a young double glaze salesman with a lap full of the latest electronic gadgetry. The DG salesman introduces himself to the glass executive, who would rather not meet anyone new, and would rather sleep.
"How about we play a game" says the DG salesman
"I'd really rather sleep" replies the glass exec.
Not put off the DG salesman states boldly "In this game you could make some good money"
With one eye open the glass exec responds with "Tell me more …."
"Well, here's how the game works. I ask you a question and if you don't know the answer you have to give me $5. Then you ask me a question and if I can't answer it I give you $5000."
With renewed interest the glass exec sits up and says "You start.."
"What's the distance in miles between the earth and the moon"
The glass exec has no idea and hands over $5, then looks the DG salesman in the eye and asks "What goes upstairs with 3 legs and comes downstairs with 4 legs?"
The DG salesman looks perplexed, then starts work on finding out the answer. He has his laptop open and is browsing the net, he's texting friends, he's using his satellite mobile to call people, and eventually after about 30 minutes he gives up. The DG salesman hands over $5000 in cash to the glass exec.
The glass exec thanks him, pockets and cash, closes his eyes and leans back to go to sleep.
"Please tell me the answer" cries the frustrated DG salesman.
"To what question?" responds the glass exec
"What goes upstairs with 3 legs and comes downstairs with 4 legs?" 
"I have no idea, Here's another $5" replies the glass exec.

Window trailer

Worlds most comprehensive window trailer

Today I'm delivering a window transportation trailer to its end customer. This trailer has a 6M (almost 20 foot) long deck for transporting long and bulky window frames, a pole based window retention system for time savings, Reveal foams for protection between layers of window frames, a polymer bearing surface for the first layer of windows, 2 x 6M storage bins for transportation of window extrusions, a box for storing tools, an inclinometer for safe loading and unloading, a 3M loading ramp, full length signage, and a host of other goodies. The trailer is rated at 3.5 tonnes and has dual electronic disk brakes.
To the best of my knowledge this is the most comprehensive window transportation trailer ever built, anywhere on the planet. If you know of a better window transportation trailer please send me a pic and a description. I'd love to see it!

Glass and Window - Copying

Trolleys and copying

Last week we had some interesting conversations with a glass company which was wanting assistance with a new trolley design. The initial opportunity was to price the customers design. Most engineering businesses would have quoted the design, and in many cases, the engineer with the cheapest price would have won.
We took a different approach. Over 19 years of building trolleys for glass companies we have built up some experience, and that experience is valuable for discussions such as these. The design clearly had some advantages and addressed many of the customers needs. However there was also some shortcomings, and once discussed with the customer, they agreed. The customer was very appreciative. Through further discussions we've finalised an improved design which will better meet their needs. 
It got me thinking. What is the value of knowledge and experience? We are often told that other companies can build products like ours for less cost, but I rarely see identical products in customer sites. What I do see is products which are very similar to early versions of our products, many of which had shortcomings.
It got me thinking again. What can we do to get involved in customer discussions like this more often? It's during these discussions that we are at our best, add the most value, and save customers from potentially expensive mistakes.
And lastly, I started to wonder about our own business and how we could work better with our partners and suppliers so that we get the best out of their knowledge and experience.

Number One blog

First ever Blog!

Gidday, and welcome to my first ever blog.
My goal with these weekly blogs is to provide an opinion on a topic which is relevant to the glass and window industries. As I am a director of The Glass Racking Company you can expect most of the topics to be relevant to factory handling equipment and transportation as they are the main solutions we supply.
Today however I'm going to start with a bigger picture issue. In the last four weeks we have been approached by six customers who are looking to change the way that they do business. More specifically their changes are :
1. Changing the processes they use in their factory
2. Setting up a new processing facility
3. Changing the service they provide to their clients
4. Expanding their product range
5. Changing their image
6. Expanding their geographic coverage 
Three of these companies are very small, but the fact that they are making these kind of changes signals a change in our market, and a movement out of the recessionary period. For the proceeding twelve to eighteen months most glass and window companies have been "hunkering down" and "doing the same thing, just less of it". This may have been the right approach for those times, but now entrepreneurs are seeing new opportunities, acting on them, and investing in them. This investment in doing things differently will generate spend with suppliers and partners, and hopefully bring in new sales for the customers concerned. This drives economic growth. I believe these changes to be the most positive indication of progression out of the recession that we have seen.
What are your thoughts? Am I right or am I being overly optimistic?