Last week I travelled to one of the smaller regions to meet with the glass and window companies there. At one of the meetings we agreed that I'd do an audit of their fleet of vans and frails the following morning, with a view to organising any maintenance and upgrade work which may be required.

The fleet was in excellent condition with the exception of a few replacement parts. The staff were very helpful and the entire audit took less than an hour.

The manager of the business (and his operations managers) were delighted that I visited their site, and very keen for me to help them in their business. They also requested an audit of some other equipment which I'll do on my next trip. 

My trips to the regions are often like this. I suspect these companies don't get so many visitors who genuinely want to help them, and when someone does come to visit they "drop everything" to take advantage from their visitor. As a supplier to the industry this allows us to be at our best, and provide the most benefit.