This is the sixth blog is a series on the practicalities of the characteristics of glass.

This characteristic is transportation. The nature of glass is that it's processed in a factory and installed on a site. It needs to be transported between the two. Because its heavy, fragile, scratches easily, breaks into dangerous shards, its sharp, its expensive, and it's often an awkward shape (large flat panels) it's one of the more challenging items to transport. That's why only a handful of companies around the planet have chosen to specialise in glass transportation. Most truck body builders have chosen to specialise in something easier!

Fortunately most glass transportation nowadays is on specialist vehicles. Most glass and window companies recognise the benefits of investing in specialist transportation equipment rather than general carriers or truck bodies from general manufacturers. We at The Glass Racking Company are one of those specialists, and like the others, we think our systems are the best. 

Glass transportation is all about the speed to load and unload, reducing transit damage to the glass, adherence to health and safety laws, adherence to road usage laws, acceptance of process and procedure by staff, and image to clients. Some of these are a "must have" for compliance, while the biggest difference between the global offerings is how they reduce transit damage to the glass. Each supplier has their own theory and a proprietary solution.  

Our home market is particularly challenging in terms of roading, geography, road user laws, and customer expectations. In addition we export to many other countries so must comply and meet their needs. Our company's path has created challenges for us, and forced us to find solutions. We've invested in more extrusions and componentry than our competitors. Each fixes a problem or creates a benefit when it works as part of the overall vehicle. That's why we're the best! 

If you think your team take too long to load and unload your products, or you get damage in transit, or you're not meeting health and safety or road user laws and guidelines, or your vehicles don't represent your company as professionally as you'd like, then please contact us!