This weekend the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup 2015, being the first rugby team ever to win back to back world cups, and also the first time the All Blacks of New Zealand have won the world cup outside of their own country (we've hosted the event twice). Many commentators from around the world have rated this All Blacks team as the best rugby team ever. Quite an accolade.

So what makes this team so good?

In my opinion the key to their success is their lack of weak links. Each player has a high level of fitness, skillsets, and has a backup player of similar ability who can come on as a replacement if an injury occurs. More importantly than this though is all the other aspects of the team, where there are no weak links. They have good strategies. They think positively and act accordingly without being arrogant. They all handle pressure well and don't get flustered, emotional, or angry. They all work well as a team without conflicts between team members. They support each other. They are sublime at PR, having the support of their home country and also have supporters from many other countries. They play an entertaining style of rugby which is a joy to watch. They have excellent sponsors who the team support, and who support the team in many more ways than just funding. And finally in the words of Steve Hanson, the All Blacks coach, "We have fun".

Simple things which are so hard to get right.