On Friday I went to a funeral of a friend who died in his mid-seventies. He was a neat old fella, a very hardworking farmer and sheep shearing legend. His body was worn out and his time was up.

During his life he married and had children, then he and his wife split up in a very hostile separation. Sadly that anger targeted towards his ex-wife never waned and he held onto that negativity for the rest of his life.

I liken this to business relationships and partnerships that might at one time be very good then lessen or even fall apart. It happens. No-one plans for it, and most are sad when it occurs, but it still happens. To come out of these events with a long-term hatred or anger towards the other does no-one any good. A desire and plan to move forward for the betterment of your business is beneficial for the business as well as your own well-being.

Looking after yourself is as important as looking after your business. If you're heads in a negative space you won't do yourself or your business any favours.