We're currently manufacturing some factory equipment for a glass company which is similar to items we've manufactured before, but on a much larger scale. They are longer, wider, and taller, and hence the materials and some parts of the design have been re-thought to make them work as the customer requires.

As a designer and manufacturer of this type of specialist equipment there is an enormous cost associated with product development. Nutting out the design details takes a lot of time. Sourcing all the components required takes a lot of time. Double checking all the workings takes a lot of time. All that time costs money. 

Another option for us as a company would be to just do the easy stuff and say no to the more challenging jobs. We would not develop solutions but just copy what others do. Our companies running costs would be less, and our pricing for the easy items would also be less. We wouldn't really be helping the glass and window industry, but it would be a lot easier.

However, that's not who we are. We have a strong and compelling passion to help glass and window companies to be more time efficient, to have less product damage and hence reduced rework costs, and to address health and safety needs and concerns. We honestly believe that the work we do helps the industry far beyond the simple manufacture and supply of steel items.