First ever Blog!

Gidday, and welcome to my first ever blog.
My goal with these weekly blogs is to provide an opinion on a topic which is relevant to the glass and window industries. As I am a director of The Glass Racking Company you can expect most of the topics to be relevant to factory handling equipment and transportation as they are the main solutions we supply.
Today however I'm going to start with a bigger picture issue. In the last four weeks we have been approached by six customers who are looking to change the way that they do business. More specifically their changes are :
1. Changing the processes they use in their factory
2. Setting up a new processing facility
3. Changing the service they provide to their clients
4. Expanding their product range
5. Changing their image
6. Expanding their geographic coverage 
Three of these companies are very small, but the fact that they are making these kind of changes signals a change in our market, and a movement out of the recessionary period. For the proceeding twelve to eighteen months most glass and window companies have been "hunkering down" and "doing the same thing, just less of it". This may have been the right approach for those times, but now entrepreneurs are seeing new opportunities, acting on them, and investing in them. This investment in doing things differently will generate spend with suppliers and partners, and hopefully bring in new sales for the customers concerned. This drives economic growth. I believe these changes to be the most positive indication of progression out of the recession that we have seen.
What are your thoughts? Am I right or am I being overly optimistic?