This is the second blog is a series on what makes a good glass factory trolley. The castors at the base of the trolley are one of the most important features and often overlooked. Features to consider on a good castor for the glass and window industry are :

1. Large enough to roll over debris such as shelled glass, aluminium or PVC swarf (shavings), wrapping and dunnage as found in glass and window factories. 160mm (6 inches) is a minimum.
2. A hard plastic wheel which provides a softer ride but is not subject to puncture or picking up glass and other sharp fragments.
3. A rating to suit the load. All quality castors have a manufacturers load rating.
4. Ease of maintenance through grease nipples to lube the bearings and bolt on design for ease of replacement
5. A range of design options such as fixed, swivel, and braked swivel.
6. Proven track record of long life and reliability.

Just last week I was at a customer site where low cost imported trolleys had been purchased. The customer had then sourced replacement castors (which takes time and money) and gone through the process of replacing all the castors. That's 16 nuts and bolts to be undone then redone up per trolley, so a time consuming and expensive exercise.