The Glass Racking Company           

The Glass Racking Company, is a world leader in flat glass transportation and flat glass handling solutions

As a market leader we have been supplying the flat glass, fenestration and solar industries since 1991.

We have branches and service companies :- USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and can supply all of our products and services worldwide. We are seeking interested partners in Canada to support our brand and products within the flat glass and window industry. If you are interested to add our products to your company please email Bryn Thompson CEO/Founder for more information.

The Glass Racking Company can supply your company with all your required flat glass and window transportation and factory handling needs.

We pride ourselves with quality products and quality customer service.

Please take time a look through this web-site and make sure you bookmark it, as we will be updating it regularly with new products

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can help your company grow with more efficient flat glass and window transportation and glass and window handling solutions

Mr Bryn Thompson Director World Operations